You Are Not What You Think You Are

installation includes a series of painting and writing, lightbox,
neon light

installation view in the solo exhibition
"New Direction, Chang Yun-Han”, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, 
“Taipei Arts Award ”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum,

This exhibition is resulted from Chang Yun-Han’s participation in the Arctic Circle residency project to present her work-in-progress research.

Why does the North Pole gradually become the symbol for the global disaster today, even being like no man’s land? Or, do we simply invent allegories such as global warming and oil war from the human society? One year after the trip, the artist attempts to illustrate the experience through the form of an exhibition to employ multiple texts and narrations to address how art could construct the way we learn about the world, contemplate on possibilities we imagine islands and elsewhere.

Chang asked illustrator work with her, she described journey and record her journal in a tape for the illustrator. By which illustrator recreated in her illustration exhibiting with Chang's writings side by side.

本展覽為藝術家參與2014年 The Arctic Circle 極圈短期駐村計畫後的階段性成果。