DVD Rental - Activate Yourself!

installation, video works

installation view in the exhibition "Live Ammo", at MOCA, Taipei , Taiwan

This project is formed in an art video rental store in which the visitors can choose from the collected videos and help themselves with the audio devices on site. The work opens up a platform that requires choices making (of materials) and help-your-self exposure (to acknowledge the materials), which intends to go against how we are accustomed when experiencing visual arts.

這是一個錄像藝術的租借計畫,輯錄了從各處徵選來的各式錄像作品,觀眾可於櫃台挑選出想看的作品,並透過現場置放的播放設備組(電視+DVD 播放器+耳機+沙發椅)觀賞。意在透過開放的選擇架構和獨立的閱覽情境,翻轉觀眾習以為常的影像藝術閱聽經驗。